Cookies, Horses, & Camping Oh My!

Girl Scouts in the state of Georgia are getting a head start on the cookie program this year.  We will begin planning in November, and will start selling in January.  Our pre-sale and “cookies on hand” time will be longer this year, giving busy parents time to breath on the weekends.  This year’s program has a Eco-friendly theme.

We also have the option this year to do a service project during our cookie sale. We’ll explain more about that in November, or you can visit for details.


Horse-back riding is a favorite activity with the girls of our troop.  We are hoping to have a riding session in November this year and one in the Spring.  There are also special events girls and parents can attend. Check out the council site ( for the most up to date information.


Our troop will participate in a camping activity this spring.  We will be deciding in November on an event, then send in our application in December ( the earliest allowed time) to reserve our spots.


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