Important Cookie and Event Info

Please read the following information carefully.

Next Troop Meeting: Our next troop meeting is February 27th @ 6:30pm.

Cookie Pickup @ Arrow Exterminators HWY 92 February 28th 10AM (Someone bring donuts)
(this is when the cookie truck delivers the cookies for all the troops in our local service unit)

* Sort’n and Stack’n: Carla needs your help! I have to be out of town that weekend so we need all parents and girls and family members who can to come to Arrow Exterminators on Highway 92 at 10am on February 28th- Even better, email myself and Carla and let us know to expect you. It makes us all glowy inside.
* What do we have to do again? It involves stacking boxes and counting. Nanci has graciously volunteered her van to help move the cookie cases to Becky’s once they are counted- but we always need more help!
* Here’s what happens next: After the cookie cases are stacked and the Service Unit Cookie Manager confirms the troop order, the cases will be transported to the house of Becky (ask me for map) , a fellow Girl Scout leader. It is up to Carla’s discretion and limited time on whether any individual orders will be sorted before leaving Arrow Exterminators. If you do not show up to help at Arrow Exterminators, the earliest you will be able to pick up your orders is Monday night at Becky’s house. Carla is not only a long time troop parent, she is also a Girl Scout leader. Please respect her decisions. She is very mindful of Girl Scout safety procedures and cookie program guidelines.

Did someone say chocolate?
Our next Songs N Smores meeting is March 6th @ Melissa Fisher’s house (map at next meeting). Songs N Smores Needs Parents to help Streamline human traffic flow, Monitor Fires (if you have previous camping or firefighting experience), Supervise meal creation, and Be Prepared First Aiders (If you are a nurse or have level 1 or 2 first aid credentials) –

There will also be miscellaneous help like asking for donations of food items from your local grocery store (300 People to Feed!), and gathering supplies and equipment like firewood and tables to put things on.

Email me ( to help out. Yes, there will be chocolate. Good chocolate for the helpers.

Sign Up for Booth Sales:
Parents can sign girls up for 1/2 hour time slots – longer is ok with parental supervision.

March 7th: Park @ Piedmont, Marietta, GA 1-4pm
March 8th: Lowe’s on 92 in Woodstock, GA 1-4pm

As always, please call or email me if you have any questions, want to help, or like chocolate.


Troop 2776 Girl Scout Brownies

Local Service Unit:


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