2011 Girl Scout Cookie Parent Guide

It’s Girl Scout cookie time beginning January 7th, 2011 in Cherokee County, Georgia.  You know that Girl Scouting provides your girl with precious lifelong experiences and values that are important to your family. The Girl Scout Cookie Activity is a key part of her experience. Much more than a way to raise money, the Cookie Activity is a hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program. Girls learn, not from a book, but from real-life experiences. These are skills that last far beyond Cookie Season. Many successful business women and community leaders say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies®.

The Girl Scout Cookie program helps your daughter learn:

• Decision-Making–Learn essential business and leadership skills that are at the core of the Girl Scout experience
• Goal Setting–Become empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to set a high goal and reach it
• Money Management–Build financial literacy through hands-on experiences running her own cookie business
• People Skills–Develop self confidence and social skills through interactions with customers and other girls
• Business Ethics–Learn how to put Girl Scout values into action

How can parents help?

  • Help your daughter set a personal goal
  • Guide her in creating a contact list of friends and family members and help her practice her “elevator pitch”
  • Go with her door to door during preorders.  Make it more fun by buddying up with another parent and girl scout.
  • Help the troop pick up cookie cases on February 12th
  • Spend half an hour at a cookie booth and help us scout potential cookie booth locations.
  • Check out our updated cookies page on this site or visit littlebrownie.com for more details about the program.

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