Things to Do

There are many events listed in the official council events catalog, and special activities for Girl Scouts.

Some events can only be done as a troop. Others can be attended by individual girl scouts and their families or as a troop.

Official Council Events:

  • Some require payment in advance. We will first check with the parents to determine interest, then decide what if any of the troop money could go towards funding the event.
  • There are over 20 events the girls could attend this Spring and Fall. Many are listed on the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta web site under Events & Things to do.
  • Suggest an event! Seen or heard of a cool event? Let us know!


How do I sign up for an event?

Events attended as a troop:

  • Current Health history form (pdf) turned into leader
  • Signed Girl Scout Permission form for specific activity
  • Payment for any program fees turned in to leader On Time
  • Please let your leader know as soon as possible about attending an event. If we do not receive confirmation and payment by the due date, we cannot add your daughter later due to council payment schedules and liability insurance.

Events attended as an Individual/Family:

Fill out the Event form for Individuals available for download from the Girl Scout Council of Greater Atlanta web site.  Mail it in by the due date show on the web site or event form.  Be sure to write the name of the event at the top of the form.