Badges & Awards

Our troop is working on a set of badges as a troop.  Additionally, your Girl Scout is encouraged to work on other badges.  We will earn badges through the Amaze journey and the new Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

About the Journey Program

This year (2011/2012) we are focusing on traditional badges and a special set of badges earned through the new Girl Scout Journeys.  We are working on activities in the “Amaze” Cadette book and the Juniors will use the book “WoW”.  There are four badges available as a set. The books are available from the Girl Scout Council of Greater Atlanta store (

What Badges are we working on as a troop?

The girls will vote on badges during their first few meetings and throughout the year.  We typically try to complete four traditional badges as a troop during the year that we pay for out of troop funds. The girls can earn additional badges on their own or by attending special events. The parents are usually responsible for purchasing those. The average cost is .75 to 1.75 for a badge.