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Troop News

We have a lot of great events coming up!  October is not only the month of Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday, it is a busy month in scouting!

  • October 7th – Online magazine order summaries automatically sent to parents.  Please email these to Kirby.
  • October 10th – Girl Scout Service Unit meeting at 6:30pm, Woodstock Church of Christ.  Please attend if you can to help promote Tea & Tiaras
  • October 12th – Troop meeting: Final planning for trip on October 14th, bring all tea sets, tablecloths, etc to create table centerpieces for Tea & Tiaras event.  We will also practice songs & games!
  • October 14th – 16th – Trip to Florida.  Please turn in all permission forms to Lee. Email her with questions.
  • October 28th – We are hosting a halloween activity table at the Kroger. Email Kirby for details. Candy & Nuts should be in.
  • October 29th – STEM expo.  Email Lee for details.
  • October 31st – Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday!